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Peekolos is a full-service 3D portrait where you can 3D print a figurine of yourself and your loved ones. At Peekolos, we understand that life goes by really fast. Although we cannot stop time, we can help you immortalize your most cherished moments by printing life-like statuettes that you can keep close to your heart as you display them in your house or office, decorate your wedding or birthday cake, gift family and friends, or simply retell your history through your collection of 3D replicas.
Our studio is equipped with a stated-of-the-art photogrammetry booth, where 64 high-definition cameras will simultaneously capture your image in a fraction of a second. Once we have your snapshots, our designers will turn the 2D images into a 3D digital avatar. At this point, you could either purchase a digital file to share on social media or use on any virtual reality application, like video-games, or we can 3D print your exact replica. Our high-tech 3D printer will build you layer by layer in a sandstone material and in full color. The details of your figurine will blow your mind! It is truly a keepsake to cherish for generations.
Our goal is to serve our community by making this cutting edge technology available to you while giving you the opportunity to capture life, freeze time, and eternalize love through beautiful and realistic miniatures of the people who matter most in your life.