Frequenlty Asked Questions.

There are different ways you can get your Peekolos. You can visit our store and get a full-body scan or you can send us reference photos to have our designer sculpt your figurine. Call us to book an appointment or learn more.
For your Peek-O-Head you can either come to our store and get your face scanned, or you can upload a good quality selfie and customize your character from hundreds of themes. Call us to book an appointment or learn more.
The materials used to manufacture your Peekolos statuettes is a sand-stone like powder that receives layers and layers of a binding agent, color dye, and post-treatment with infiltration material creating a photo-realistic 3D figure.
We highly recommend that you call us and book your session so we can focus on you and make the best out of your time. However, walk-ins are welcome as well.
Technology is evolving in such high rate and we want everything now! We understand that feeling, however this process still takes some time. The final product takes about 2-4 weeks to be delivered.
If you have an emergency and need your Peekolos faster, talk to us and we will do our best to accommodate you. There will be an extra charge for this service.
You have the choice to pick up at the store at no cost to you, or we can ship it to any part of the world. Shipping costs will apply.
You can pretty much do any pose you want! Let your creativity run wild and we’ll do our best to capture your personality. However, keep in mind that the statuettes are made of a sandstone material and they are somewhat fragile. Small parts like fingers sticking out, high heels, or even arms stretched out might be more prone to breaking off. Also, poses on one foot or hand stands may prevent your figurine from standing on its own. For situations like this, we sell bases that can be added to the statuette so you can display them.
Group shots are a lot of fun! We can fit up to 2 adults and a small child (up to 2 years old) at the same time. For larger groups, our staff can help you choose a pose and we take separate shots of each person in your party to create a group scene. If you’re doing a 3D family portrait, it looks really nice when the color scheme and clothing style is coordinated. Ask us about some tips on family or group shots and we’ll be more than happy to guide you!
Of course! Pets are family and we want you to keep them close to you forever. Call us so we can discuss the details of the shooting. We will need proof of vaccination sent to us before you can come with your pet. Besides, pets need to come leashed or inside a carrying case or bag. If the animal cannot stay still inside the booth, the picture will need to be taken with the owner holding or hugging their pet.
Yes! You get 20% OFF the original price when you reprint copies of your model. This is a great opportunity to gift family members and friends at a better rate. Which grandma or grandpa wouldn’t love a statuette of their kids and grandkids as a gift? What about aunts and uncles, godparents, close friends? Your 3D replicas would certainly put a smile on their face and make them feel closer to you!
Our prices vary depending on the scale you choose as well as how many people we’ll scan in your group. Please refer to our packages page and you’ll see our price table.
We’re always trying to help you out so you can keep coming back to build on your Peekolos collection. Make sure to subscribe for email offers. There are always some special discounts that may apply to you.

In order to keep the figurines more realistic, we print them within a scale. This way, everyone in your group will look proportional to each other. This is also great for kids because if you make their replicas every so many years in the same scale, you can literally watch them growing up. To know the final size of your statuette, use your total height in inches (or centimeters) and divide it by the number on the scale you choose. For example, if you are 5’6” (66”), and you choose the Movin’Up scale (1:12), your figurine will be 5.5 inches.

You can also choose a specific size for your figurine. Please contact us if you would like assistance choosing or customizing your Peekolos size.

Yes, you are more than welcome to have a special item with you; however, extra costs will apply for accessories since they also involve editing, processing time, and material to print. Please talk to us if you would like a quote.
The material is somewhat fragile and should be treated with care and love to prevent it from breaking. Avoid direct sunlight exposure or the colors may fade. Keep it away from chemicals and moisture. We want you to have a good quality piece of art, so we put an extra layer of protection at no cost to you. All our pieces receive an acrylic coating that provides UV protection and prevents colors from yellowing over time.